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UF 4040 membranes

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UF 4040 membranes Data Sheet:                                                          

Model No.RM-UF-4040RM-UF-4021
PerformanceMolecular weight cutoff                 Dalton50,00050,000
Designed Permeate Flow            L/m^2/H40~15040~150
Effective membrane area            ft^2(m^2)43(4)22(2)
Initial Permeate Flow                    m^3/H0.80.4
No. of membrane filaments14001400
Operating conditionsMax operating pressure                psi (MPa)43(0.3)
Suggested operating pressure     psi (MPa)15(0.1)
The maximum water supply temperature5~40°C
The maximum water supply                SDI< 25
free chlorine concentration in water supply<70ppm
Water supply pH scope when continuous running3~9
Water supply pH scope when chemical cleaning2~12
Feed water Turbidity                         NTU< 1



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