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Industrial 4040 RO membrane

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Minorder 1

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4040 RO Membrane DataSheet:                                        

Model No.RM-BW-4040RM-ULPH-4040RM-ULPD-4040RM-ULP31-4040RM-BW-4040FRRM-SW1-4040
 Performance   Desalinization rate
Permeate Flow GPD 
Effective membrane area ft^2(m^2) 106(9.9)106(9.9)106(9.9)113(10.5)106(9.9)106(9.9)
Feed water TDS less than ppm (mg/l)6000300030003000800040000
Test conditions Test pressure 150psi(1.03Mpa)
Test fluid temperature 25°C
Test fluid density (NaCl) 1500ppm
Test fluid pH. 7.5
Single RO membrane element recovery rate15%
Operating conditionsMax operating pressure psi (MPa)600(4.14)600(4.14)600(4.14)600(4.14)600(4.14)1200(8.27)
Suggested operating pressure psi (MPa)225(1.55)150(1.05)150(1.05)150(1.05)225(1.55)650(4.5)
The maximum water supply temperature45°C
The maximum water 
supply SDI
free chlorine concentration in water supply<0.1ppm
Water supply pH scope when continuous running3~10
Water supply pH scope when chemical cleaning 2~12
The maximum pressure drop of single RO membrane element  10psi(0.07Mpa)



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